Top Marques Monaco News from the French Riviera

Each year we are treated to a visit from some of the most amazing super cars at Top Marques Monaco. If you love speed and the roar of an engine then this is the event for you. Not only are you able to see these exceptional machines up close at the Grimaldi Forum but for the lucky few there is the chance to test drive the cars and experience the roar of the engine as you drive through the famous tunnel in Monaco which later in the year becomes part of the F1 circuit.

And for those of you who are not that fond of cars then beside all that machinery there is an exhibition of wonderful jewellery and watches. And as if that isn’t enough then you can wander outside and enjoy the Super Yachts anchored just outside the main exhibition hall.

Top Marques is another great example of the year round appeal of the French Riviera, there is always something to enjoy, an event taking place or simply a long indulgent lunch on the beach to enjoy. This is still a buyers market and if you are thinking of buying a second home here on the French Riviera we are here to help. Our free service takes you right through the purchase process from finding a property, negotiations and of course putting you in touch with our network of English speaking experts.

Contact Jackie Pressman today.

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French Riviera Property Prices Hold Fast – From Jackie Pressman

French Real Estate prices do not collapse.  They may gradually subside in certain areas of France under pressure from buyers determined to strike a good deal – and last year (2013) was the year that many vendors decided to be realistic and to sell – but not here on the French Riviera where the market is still very stable.  Prices did not increase in the same percentage as previously BUT now is the time for you to seriously consider buying.  We will act in your very best interests to secure the very best overall deal for you – contact me, Jackie Pressman, with your specification and budget.

Determined buyers can still get a discount. They are reassured that British investors are back in the French property market buoyed by the strength of the UK  pound and rising values in their own British domestic market. They have read the latest surveys stating that average fixed interest Euro mortgage rates are down. Buyers can now get a French mortgage at 2.9% interest over 10 years or at at 3.05% over 15 years – or even better.

There may not be lots of buyers around but the ones who are, are serious, and the French Riviera has always appealed to anyone with some money from every country in the world.

Looking over the whole of 2014, prices are not expected to drop by more than 5% – and that is an average over the whole of France – but consider this quote from a property professional: “Preliminary sale agreements signed between January and April 2014 indicate a fall of 0.9% in Provence”.

Buyers are well aware that the exceptional Government agreed reduction of 25% on the taxation of capital gains will expire at the end of August 2014, so French property owners know it ‘s time to do a deal if they want to take advantage of this discount – and for buyers this is the time to not delay if they wish to purchase.

Add all these incentives together and you will understand why sellers here are confident of a fast sale at the right price.

“Last year, notaires recorded 2.7% more transactions than in 2012% overall” said Thierry Thomas, president of the Institute of notarial real estate law. “French property prices fell 1.7% on average – NB this is “on average throughout France” – and it is different in every location – you need professional advice – I am here to assist you.

Look at my website  - for properties currently on the market and note well that I am a search agent working only for the buyer, so these are just a general idea – give me your specification and budget and I will search your entire desired area to produce a list of properties for you to view.  

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The Buyers Pack – French Property Surveys

Here in France, at the cost of the seller, there are a number of obligatory surveys that must be carried out before the property is sold – some even before the property is advertised. This is of huge advantage to the buyer not least in terms of the cost of all this information paid for by the seller.

1. DPE Diagnostic de Performance Energétique

Since 2011, it is obligatory to have a Diagnostic de Performance Energétique – DPE carried out prior to the property being advertised for sale. But what is this and how can this benefit the buyer? The DPE is a long document and describes the way the property is heated, how the hot water is produced together with insulation and ventilation. All of these factors are then taken into account to produce an estimated energy consumption and cost. There is a rating given from A – G, A being the most energy efficient and G being the least. There are also two diagrams produced giving the energy levels and the greenhouse gas production – nothing if not thorough, these French.

The final part of the report gives advice on how to make the property more energy efficient and how to reduce energy bills – i.e. double-glazed windows.

The DPE is carried out by an independent professional and is submitted to the buyer’s Notary as part of the purchase process.

Think we can safely say this one has a rather low energy efficiency rate!

2. DDT Dossier de Diagnostic Technique

There are a number of obligatory surveys which make up the DDT including:-

- Asbestos (for properties granted planning permission prior to 1997)

- Termites (only applicable for some areas of France)

- Lead (applicable to paintwork in all properties built before 1949 and some apartment blocks)

- Natural or Industrial Risks (not applicable for all areas)

- Gas Installations (where the installation has been in place for 15 years or more)

- Electrical Wiring (where the installation has been in place for 15 years or more)

- Septic Tank Installation (where the property does not have mains drainage, very common in rural areas)

Phew! That’s a pretty comprehensive list and all of the reports that are applicable to the property you are purchasing must be submitted to the Notary handling the sale and all at the expense of the seller.  Another advantage to buying a property here in France.

Here there is also a pre-emption right of the local town-hall and your Notary will handle this to ensure the seller has the right to sell.  This is very handy for you.

Also there is no completion insurance required here in France.  The Notary is an Officer of the State and his job is to register the new owners’ right to the property;  register any loan or mortgage taken out by the buyer; pay back any loan or mortgage registered in the name of the seller; and to hand you proof of complete ownership at the final act meeting.

Contact Jackie Pressman at French Riviera Property Search for all your property requirements here on the French Riviera.

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Now is the time to buy French Riviera property

Just read an article in the French Property Interactive Digital Magazine, but it applies to all of France and not just to our specific area.  However a lot of the information is  interesting and applicable to the French Riviera.

Property purchasers or renters come to the Cote d’Azur because of our sparkling blue warm Mediterranean sea; our wonderful weather; the great fresh markets; the exceedingly large choice of very good food; excellent local wine; and in general our marvellous lifestyle.

But some of the article’s International points are excellent and I give you extracts below these three wonderful French properties.


Authentic village house – our FRPS077

Village house in the Provencal village of Aups – Read More…..


Apartment in famous development – our FRPS071

Apartment at Marina Baie des Anges – Read More….


apartment in centre of village with views to the sea – our FRPS063

Apartment in the heart of Mougins Village – Read More…

“So the pound is back almost to its former robust self. Soon to surpass that level and climb further. Maybe even as high as 1.30.” (We certainly can’t look into a crystal ball and confirm that!) “And the French property market is out of intensive care. That is to say it is now stable.”

NB.  this article covers property in all of France and the prices here on the French Riviera hold their value but it is true there is a large choice of properties to buy here between now and the end of August as the owners/sellers will benefit from a one-off 25% discount on their Capital Gains Tax (CGT is not applicable on primary residence but many here have a second home).

“But there’s one thing that will impact the number of houses sold in France this year and it has nothing to do with the French economy, the health of the Euro or anything else exchange rate related.

And it is this…Nationwide UK house price increases

The UK economy is turning out to be one of the fastest growing globally. Confidence is on the up. The UK government’s ‘Help to Buy’ scheme is turning the housing market round and not just in London and the south east. The Nationwide recently reported that UK house prices have risen month on month for the last 12 months.

The Francophiles out there, carefully nuturing their dream of buying a second home in France or indeed selling up altogether and emigrating now have a clear opportunity to sell their house in the UK, trade down to a smaller place and buy in France as they had always planned.

You may not be British so what has this got to do with you?”

Simple … The French Riviera is a dream destination for all countries’ second home buyers so you will need someone here on the ground to search for your ideal property from the hundreds of offers around and although you may find yourself in competition with a newly affluent British buyer, I am here with local knowledge and will be acting just for you – the buyer.

We here on the French Riviera believe that 2014 will be a buyers market  - so consider buying your ideal second home and/or investment property here now.

I, Jackie Pressman at French Riviera Property Search, can find you the perfect property according to your specification; I can usually obtain a good discount from the asking price; Euro mortgage rates are at an all-time low; and I will be with you every step of the way to give you confidence and any information you will require.

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International Women’s Day – by Jackie Pressman

We call these “violon” and the taste is superb

marvellous taste

I had a WONDERFUL day.  Went to the marvellous Italian covered market in Ventimiglia (less than 1 hour away).  We were with friends who go regularly and showed us exactly what vegetable and fruit and flower stands to visit and what Italian cheeses, meats and pastas to buy – you won’t be surprised to know we bought up a storm!

amazing selection – all local Italian fare

Then to an absolutely fabulous very Italian restaurant for a fresh fish lunch right on the coast overlooking the Mediterranean.  We had our drinks out on the terrace in the hot sunshine and then our lovely lunch inside, followed by a glass of their local ‘Limoncello’.  We then drove home along the spectacular coast road.
This was my first outing for so many weeks without a cane and walking freely, and with this beautiful Spring weather, who could ask for anything more? 
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Life on the French Riviera – A Day at the Races

Did you know that we have our very own race course here on the French Riviera? The Hippodrome at Cagnes sur Mer has a lively winter and summer programme and last weekend we were lucky enough to attend a lunch with the American Club of the Riviera.

American Club Riviera Jackie Pressman

The Hippodrome at Cagnes sur Mer

We were treated to a wonderful equestrian display and there can’t be many race courses which enjoy a spectacular sea view. Our tables for lunch had a fabulous view over the race course right across to the sparkling Mediterranean.

The event was attended by members of the ‘American Club of the Riviera’ and VIP guests including former Senator Paul Trible, President of Christopher Newport University and Les Brownlee, former Secretary of the US Army.  They are looking to establish a student exchange programme with Monaco and their group joined the American Club lunch along with many members and guests.

American Club of the Riviera Jackie Pressman

L to R: Les Brownlee, former Secretary of the US Army; Susan Feater, CEO of the Ryder Cup France 2018; Burton Gintell, President of the American Club of the Riviera; Jackie Pressman; Rosemary Trible, accomplished women’s advocate helping people throughout the world; former Senator Trible, President of Christopher Newport University.

The American Club is just one of several key social and business networking clubs here in the region and has a great programme of events throughout the year. More information about the club, how to join and their programme of events can be found here 


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Cannes Film Festival News from Jackie Pressman

Opening the Cannes Film Festival this year will be the long awaited ‘Grace of Monaco’, starring Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly who later became Princess Grace of Monaco.

The opening film is never “in competition” but will always receive masses of press and publicity and much attention for the stars who will arrive on the red carpet on 14th May.

It has been rumoured that the Monegasque royal family have distanced themselves from the film giving rise to speculation about the content of the movie. The circumstances of the death of Princess Grace have always been the source of discussion – she died in 1982 in a road accident when she lost control of her vehicle and crashed. Her daughter Stephanie was with her at the time and survived the crash.

Whatever the film reveals, this will of course be the opening of another glittering Film Festival in Cannes.

If you are visiting Cannes for the event and have still not booked your accommodation then please contact me, I have limited availability in some central Cannes apartments.

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The Statue of Liberty to be erected in Nice

With thanks to the Riviera Times:


A replica of America’s most famous monument, the Statue of Liberty, is to be installed along Nice’s sea front. The unveiling is expected to take place this coming weekend and will mark the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War 1 (1914-1918).

The Statue of Liberty in New York welcomes people arriving from abroad

Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, made the announcement on Thursday 23rd January, although the unveiling depends upon the weather, says the Ville de Nice. Quite fittingly, the replica of the Statue of Liberty in New York will take pride of place along the Quai des États-Unis – quay USA - at the foot of the Château.

Designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the exact look and size of the statue is being kept secret until the official unveiling. The replica will obviously be a lot smaller than the original statue in New York, but it is said to be higher than the one standing in Paris at 11.5 metres high. It remains a mystery as to why the statue has been kept a secret until now, as it was acquired by the city two years ago.

The original Statue of Liberty in New York was a gift to the United States by the people of France. Many cities around the world already have replicas of the monument such as Las Vegas, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo.

The statue is an icon of freedom in the United States and a welcoming signal to immigrants arriving from abroad. Perhaps if large enough, the new replica will be seen by visitors arriving at Nice airport?

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The MIDEM Festival 2014 in Cannes

Next weekend the first big ‘Cannes Congress’ of the season will be in town – MIDEM is all about the music industry and alongside all the exhibitions, meetings and networking there is always an amazing display of new talent at the MIDEM festival.

The festival runs for 4 days alongside the main MIDEM event and there are midday and evening concerts across several stages. For the 2014 event there are musicians from every corner of the globe and there will be ’40 gigs over 4 days’ including an evening of film music with the Cannes Orchestra.

Places are free for Cannes residents.

Just another example of what a great year-round city Cannes is and why buying a property here will give you excellent return on your initial investment. MIDEM is just the start of the Cannes calendar where you can rent a central Cannes property for the conventions – and then there are tourism rentals to be had….

Contact Jackie Pressman today and start making your Cannes property investment work for you.

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A Day Out from Cannes to Aups in search of Black Gold

About an hour and a half out of Toulon you’ll find the small town of Aups in the Gorge du Verdon, also known as the Grand Canyon du Verdon. It’s a picture-perfect town of sun-baked stone and clay tile roofs.  Very Provence.  Best of all, if you love black truffles (and I do), this excursion is a must.  The town is famous for its black-truffle market, which takes place every Thursday morning from November to February. There’s also a truffle festival in January which I’ve attended many times.

French Riviera Property Search Jackie Pressman

Fete de la Truffe – Aups – The pigs make some of the best truffle hunters and this one displays her skills each year.

I caution you, however: the market is more like an auction.  The value of the truffles, set by brokers, varies according to the quality and abundance of the truffles on offer. You’’ve got to be sharp at your game here!

The market is frequented by chefs, restaurateurs and just those, like me, who love the amazing taste of truffle. And for me, don’t over complicate the flavour, a simple pan of scrambled eggs with the truffle grated liberally over the top is a delicious treat.

French Riviera Property Search Jackie Pressman

Black Gold

So it’s back to Cannes for me to cook up a treat.

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