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More and more people in the UK are mimicking the Americans and using a buying agent to find them the perfect property.   Very expensive but considered a wise choice because of local knowledge, ability to negotiate in line with current area prices, and the ability to find properties not usually known to be available.  It is important that these buying agents are independent and not tied to estate agents so that their advice is unbiased.

Here at French Riviera Property Search we are FREE.  We are not tied to any specific estate agency and search the market for you, including private sellers, auctions, Notaries, Managing Agents.  Unlike in the UK there is no register of available properties and so a buyer wastes a lot of time with many agencies and still may not find what he is looking for.   We act specifically for the buyer whilst the estate agencies are all legally instructed by the seller.  We see this as a conflict for the agencies and it is well worthwhile to have your own representative who will search for your specification and budget and act in your best interests at all times.

Importantly, unlike in the UK, WE DO NOT CHARGE A PERCENTAGE TO THE BUYER. We take our fee from the advertised price so you have nothing to lose and much to gain by appointing us.  Not so many buyers from the UK at this time with sterling so weak against the euro, but we are currently seeing buyers from Scandinavia and northern Europe.  UK owners of French property are sometimes selling at this time as they can repatriate the euro funds back to sterling and see a good profit – so there are bargains to be had if motivated sellers can be found – and we know them.

It is always a wise move to take a French loan.  It is invariably at a lower rate than elsewhere and can assist in reducing your exposure to the French wealth tax, which starts this year at net asset values of 790K euros!  Don’t be mistaken into thinking this only applies to French residents – it applies to anyone who has property in France.  Many second home owners have ignored this to their detriment and did not structure their purchase correctly when buying.

Current mortgage rates are low.  Last month I obtained a mortgage for one client at 2.22% and for another at 3% interest only.

So, let us handle your purchase from beginning to end – the references on this site will assure you are in the right hands.

We look forward to hearing from you.                                                                                   Skype: jaknburt or email to

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