The exciting Cannes Film Festival is in full-swing

The Film Festival is in full swing and we are enjoying it immensely.  The beach restaurants have been rebuilt or renovated from the very recent storms (see a previous blog) and the sandy beaches repaired and extended. They all have bookings for festival parties and you wouldn’t know there had been such devastation.

What most people don’t realise is that there are about 1000 previously unreleased films to see at all the screening rooms in all the cinemas throughout Cannes from early morning to late evening, and not just the 20ish in the Palm d’Or red-carpet screenings at the Palais des Festivals.  Generally people think it is 90% glitz ‘n tits ‘n parties, and 10% business – but it is the other way round, with the glitz for publicity to bring in the world press.  Such a fun time.
The world press, understandably, writes about the stars and celebrities on the red carpet or about the Directors and their films – with never a word about the enormous business of producing, financing and distribution rights which is what the festival is really all about.

Although Cannes is exciting with its posters and streamers, many of the rental apartments are used as offices with banners on the outside of the balconies and terraces to advertise the film company there.  All the available hotel suites and rental apartments are full of people in the business, all rushing around Cannes from meeting to meeting. So, if you have an apartment here, this is one of the many conventions bringing in rental clients. It is estimated that around 200,000 people pour into Cannes each May for this famous international festival – many here for the 2-week duration of the carnival – sorry I mean festival – and many day visitors to soak up the atmosphere on the Croisette, gawk and gaze at the stars on the red-carpet, stand around the big Palace hotels in the hope of catching sight of a celebrity, watch the TV interview crews.

There are many facilities for those not accredited and not sporting the coveted identification badge.  For example, there are continual TV screened interviews on a large platform built out over the Martinez beach, where the interviewers have a stream of famous Cannes visitors; there are beach screenings of old and well-loved films; there is a dedicated festival boutique with many items emblazoned with the famous Palm Leaf emblem; 100s of photographers on the streets to click your reminder of a great occasion; there are special invitations from the Cannes Town Hall for residents of Cannes to the red-carpet screenings.  Not many know that on the Monday following the festival, there are 3 screenings of the film which has won the Palm d’Or the night before, just for the owners of a property in Cannes. You must register before the festival with identification and a utility bill to prove ownership, and into the draw you go.  So many thousands of local people get their chance to walk up the red-carpet at the famous Palais des Festivals. It is the Cannes Mayor’s way of giving back to compensate for a bit of inconvenience, i.e. difficult to get around, difficult to park, difficult to get a restaurant booking.  But so exciting – we all love it.

If you are a convention visitor/participant to Cannes and want accommodation for any of the international conventions contact me, Jackie Pressman, and I will arrange something for you in central Cannes, always within 10 minutes walk of the Convention Centre.  Whether you are a seasoned delegate or new participant you can trust me to take care of your requirements – see my references page on this website.
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