French Riviera Property Update – January 2012

New Year 2012

Happy 2012! Writing this from a rather grey and wet Cannes, the festivities all seem a distant memory and the prospect of the January diet all rather too close to home.  So what will 2012 bring to the property market here on the French Riviera? For us, we can already see positive signs, the UK market is returning, the mortgage rates continue to be low and the rental potential of properties here in the South of France remains excellent.

Our clients are choosing to buy a property here on the French Riviera for many different reasons. For those looking to maximise on their investment then an apartment in Cannes is the obvious choice. With all the annual events which take place in the centre of Cannes then an apartment within walking distance of the exhibition centre is a sure fire bet.

Want to relax and enjoy the sunshine, away from the crowds? Then choosing one of the quieter villages in the hills above the coast makes sense. Mougins is always high on our list and is ideal for those planning an eventual permanent move to the French Riviera.

Whatever your reason for buying a property here and however unusual your list of requirements, then 2012 is an excellent time for you to buy property here on the French Riviera. Our FREE service will save you time and money and is guaranteed to find your perfect property – so what are you waiting for? Contact me today


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