Summer on the French Riviera with Cannes Fireworks

During the holiday months of July and August, Cannes hosts the largest firework displays under the stars on the French Riviera. They are all particularly enjoyable because they are each concerts and the prize is awarded partly for the choreography.

This year we were particularly lucky as they added a new date to the programme especially for our American friends, family and colleagues on the 4th July.  It was a wonderful evening and an amazing start to our summer season here in the South of France.   I particularly liked the stars and stripes summer trousers worn by this guest…

This firework festival is unusual because of the many countries taking part in competition against each other – each striving for the best music and displays.

The fireworks are released from several barges out in the Cannes bay, opposite the Croisette. There is always a very enthusiastic crowd on every beach and on the many hundreds of boats moored in the bay for these extravaganzas.  Onlookers congregate early for dinner on the beach of their choice, or bag an early seat on the promenade and settle with their sandwiches.  No-one wants to miss these excellent and extraordinary concerts and they are particularly enjoyed by the children whose little upturned faces are alight with wonder.

The next firework festival dates are 14th, 21st, 29th July and 7th, 15th and 24th August.

We will certainly be watching them all.  Come join us.

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