Jackie Pressman enjoys an evening in the Principality of Seborga

On Tuesday we joined a group (The International Club of the Riviera) going to the Principality of Seborga – just across the French border in Italy. It was Seborga’s National Day Festival and an interesting, well organised, enjoyable evening for all.

We learned the following facts about this lovely little State above Bordighera:

1.  There are 312 citizens of Seborga – and these are joined by many non-residents who keep holiday homes there, and visitors to this lovely little scenic town.

2.  Seborga became a Principality in 1079.  It has its own passport.

3.  Seborga has its own currency – the luigino – since about 1630 and their own mint since 1666.

4.  The entire area of the state is only 4.91 km2 (1.9 square miles) and it sits at an elevation of 500 meters (1640 ft).

5.  Seborga has its own elected Prince – Marcello Menagatto Ier.  He was elected in April 2010 and started his reign the following month, after the death of Prince Giorgio Carbone Ier, who died in 2009 after a reign of 46 years.

6.  There is an annual festival of Saint Bernard – the town’s patron saint – a colourful cultural event which falls on the 20th of August – and this day is also treated as the National Day of Seborga.

7.   Seborga may have their own police too – see photo below – but otherwise everything seems very Italian.

8.  Seborga has its own stamps – collected by Philatelists all over the world.

9.  Here is a postcard journey through the Principality:     http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=_rDkKKQuAuY

We found Seborga to be a lovely place to visit with its historic centre being restored to ensure its charms are protected. On this lovely warm summer evening we enjoyed food cooked locally, Italian wine, and dancing to an Italian group of musicians in the “old” traditional Italian style. Great fun in great company.

Pipers announcing arrival of the Prince

The Prince (in business suit)

Traditional dance with the flags of Seborga

Police at the entrance to Seborga

Having fun with the group in Seborga

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