Frogs legs!

Today we hear that Archeologists digging in the south-west of England have found traces of frogs legs dating back to 7500BC!

Frogs legs are indisputably French, right? Perhaps not, say scientists at an archaeological dig in Wiltshire where they have unearthed evidence that the early Britons were eating the quintessentially French delicacy thousands of years before their Gallic counterparts.

Could the British have beat the French to their world famous dish?

A team of Mesolithic experts have been running an investigation into the land around the town of Amesbury, a mile away from Stonehenge, which is provisioned to continue throughout October. While the scientists knew they were digging in an archaeologically rich terrain, leader David Jacques told the British press that frogs legs were the last thing they expected to uncover.

“There were really rich food resources for people and they were eating everything that moved,” said Jacques, “but we weren’t expecting frogs’ legs as a starter.”
A plethora of animal remains have been retrieved from the site already, with salmon, wild boar, deer, auroch and cow all on the menu for the early residents of south west England some 10 millennia ago.

“Before it was simple,” writes Le Point, “the English were roastbeefs and we were the frogs.”  but according to records, frogs legs didn’t make their way on to French plates until the 12th century, when their use in cooking was first noted down by the Catholic Church.

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