The UK will withdraw from the EU today by actioning their article 50

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, will provide notification for the withdrawal from the EU in the next few hours. A historic day in British politics is set to unravel and the two-year window for negotiations will start.

It’s difficult to predict which way the exchange rates will move however increased market volatility is clear.

We advise all International clients out of the euro zone buying or selling currency in the coming days/weeks should talk with a currency exchange specialist for optimization of funds and information about latest market movements.  We can recommend a good, safe, reliable and leading exchange rate specialist and you MUST use them instead of a bank.  The reasons are:

  1. You save up to 4% compared to your local major bank.
  2. You have a dedicated foreign exchange expert to guide you and to transfer your money at the optimal moment.
  3. You can arrange for forward contract with fixed exchange rates for up to two years – this protects you from adverse currency movements.
  4. You can limit your order and target a rate of exchange with your dedicated dealer.
  5. There is a 24-hour monitoring servicing enabling you to trade at the most advantageous rate of exchange.
  6. You can take control of the exchange rate offered – major banks often do not provide rates and market expertise.

So ask me, Jackie Pressman, at, for a reliable and safe currency exchange company who does wonderful transfers in either direction for our clients.

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